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What is Gympass? 

Gympass is a health & wellbeing solution that offers you and your family members unlimited access to its gym's, studios and wellbeing apps network - all with one flexible membership.

With Gympass you can visit your favourite gyms, leisure centres and fitness classes and try out new venues.  Gym partners include firm favourites such as Nuffield Health and Bannatyne Health Club and Spa and pocket-friendly options such as Everyone Active, Everlast and Places Leisure.  You can also  try new activities like yoga, marital arts and Pilates at hundreds of independent studios.  Additionally you'll have access to various apps to a support your physical, mental and financial wellbeing.  These include guided meditation with Headspace, activitiy tracker with Strava, nutrition planning with Lifesum and sleep support with Sleep Cycle

What do people think of Gympass?

Emily Neal - HR Recruitment Advisor
‘I have been a member of my local gym for years now, but the amount I used it, never outweighed the cost! So when I first heard that Next was partnering with Gympass I was so excited. It was so easy to sign up, and the app is very user friendly. I also love that the options available are flexible in regards to cost to make sure you join a plan that best suits you! I now save £20 a month on gym fee’s! 

I have been using Gympass since it launched, and I use it to access my local gym twice a week, to take part in fitness classes & the gym. Another app I also use is Calm & Fabulous. Both of these apps I use on a weekly basis to accompany me in Yoga & meditation. I am very passionate about self care, and having some ‘me’ time, and I feel that gympass has so many tools to offer to allow me to feel my best self! I highly recommend it to anyone else looking to start a better self care journey!’ 

Joanne Holmes - Online Delivery Lead
'Since hearing about Gym Pass I was very hesitant whether to go ahead with it or not. I have heard about other ways to save money when signing up to the gym but always found that it was still quite expensive. However I decided to give it a go with Gympass as I swim every morning before work and just to have a swim pass with my local leisure was almost double what Gympass offered. I took the plunge and joined Gympass and I have signed up to use the gym as well as being able to swim. 

I love the flexibility that Gympass offers. Being able to book in before going on an app is so easy. I have told my colleagues about Gympass who have also signed up and we go to the gym together. The app itself for Gympass has lots of different options and benefits to use which I am still yet to explore. I would 100% recommend using Gym Pass!'

How does it work?

Gympass gives you the flexibility and variety to visit multiple gyms and studios, get virtual personal training and coaching, and access a library of apps with just one membership.  There are currently 2000+ venues and 30+ apps on the network in the UK alone, and it's constantly growing. 

You can visit firm favourites like DW Fitness First and Bannatyne’s Health Club and Spa and many local leisure centres, as well as trying new activities like yoga, martial arts and pilates at hundreds of independent studios.

To enter a gym or studio you will need to check in on the Gympass app and show the confirmation to staff. Click App store icons to download your app and create an account. 

Click here to get more info on how to use Gympass to it's full potential. 

How much does it cost? 

Next has partnered with Gympass so you can have access to exclusively priced memberships. There’s no contract or joining fees and you can pause or cancel your plan at andy time.  The best part is that you’re eligible for a 7 day FREE trial*

There are different membership options and plans starting from £7.99 - the higher the plan, the more options included. Whichever option you choose, you’ll have access to all the apps, online classes and fitness providers that fall within that plan.

You can find out exactly what is included in each plan by creating your FREE account here: 

Your Gympass Account

First you need to create your account, click here if you haven't already done so. Next download the app, start your membership and you’re ready to go! 

Once you've created an account you need to sign up to the membership option in order to access the gyms and features of Gympass. 

If you've got any questions about using your account then click here. You can learn about payments, the free trial and adding family members to Gympass.