Gympass Account

See below some of the most asked questions about using your Gympass Account.

How do I retrieve the offer of a FREE trial*?

Your exclusive prices will be automatically applied when you create an account, and the free trial will be automatically applied when you start your membership. You can cancel this trial at any time and will not be charged the monthly value selected for the following month if you cancel within the trial period*

How is payment made?

Payment is taken automatically each month from the credit or debit card of your choice. Payment is not taken by direct debit, so if you want to change your payment method you can do under the 'Financial' section in your account settings. **All monthly payments are automatic and are not based on usage, once you activate a membership payment will occur each month unless you cancel your membership.**

Can I add my family members?

Yes, your family members have access to the same exclusively priced memberships. Once you have an active membership you can invite up to 3 family members (partner/spouse and children) by visiting ‘My Family’ in your account. To invite additional eligible family members (e.g. say you have 3 children plus a spouse), please contact the Gympass Customer Experience team.

How do family members pay?

To give you more control, family memberships are now managed from your own Gympass account (including the payment).

What happens to my family members if I cancel my Gympass membership?

Family members are only eligible when you have an active membership, so if you cancel your plan then any family plans will also be cancelled

What do I do about my current Gym membership?

If you have a current membership, you will have to cancel it and move onto Gympass to be able to use the discount accessible through Gympass.

Can I change or cancel my plan?

Yes, you can make any changes to your plan on the Gympass app, select your ‘name/profile’ at the top of the homepage, under the title Account select ‘Plans management’ and you will be able to change or cancel your plan. If you wish to downgrade your plan, you can do this at any time but it will only apply for the next month onwards. If you wish to upgrade your plan, you can do this at any time, and you will be charged immediately for the difference between the plans.

You can cancel your plan at any time without charge.

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For any other questions you have about setting up an account please email