Globally on average, 1 man dies by suicide every minute of every day ( 

70% of men say their friends can rely on them for support, but only 48% say that they rely on their friends. In other words: we’re here for our mates, but worried about asking for help for ourselves. Reaching out is crucial.

More Than OK wants to help change that. 

It's about taking those extra milliseconds to say ‘How’s it going?’ or ‘What’s new with you?’ rather than just asking are you ok? Just those few extra words can make the world of difference. It can open the door to a conversation that someone might really need. 

This year we've launched a whole new set of resources, a brand new charity partnership and looking to spotlight some of the best ways to get the conversation started, whether you're looking for support or wanting to help those around you! 

Andy's Man Club 

ANDYSMANCLUB is a charity that aims to eliminate the stigma surrounding mental health and create a judgment-free, confidential space where men can be open about the storms in their lives. They are a UK based charity with support groups all over the country. To mark Men's Mental Health Awareness Month this year, we're working closely with Andy's Man Club, sharing some of their best advice, finding new ways to get people talking and working on something very exciting (all will be revealed in the coming months).

This year, we're raising awareness and raising money to support Andy's Man Club. Throughout November, we'll be asking you to rise to the challenge to beat the stigma around mental health, whether its through starting a new conversation, growing out your beard for a good cause or just generally making small changes to your lifestyle to better your mood and those around you. All information can be found on Giving at Next. 

Start the Conversation

Check out these videos below that delve deeper into reasons why men don't talk and what you can do to start a conversation started!

Why don't men talk?

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Starting a conversation

How to start a conversation.mp4