This World Menopause Day we offered you 🤗 

You will know someone who will or is experiencing Menopause

Menopause Awareness Session 

If you know what's coming, you can prepare.  When you have knowledge you feel empowered!

On World Menopause Day on 18th October 2023 we invited you to join us for an informative workshop with Andrea Woodside in association with Retail Trust talked all things Menopause.  An ideal session for anyone wanting to learn more about menopause.

We're pleased that we are able to share the recording of this session with you just click the yellow button below

So if you know, nothing, something or are in the throws then this may be of interest to you. 

Having an awareness of Menopause will enable understanding and provide the confidence needed to give support 💙

Our Second Award In 2 Years 🏆💃🏾 

Claire Kershaw - Health & Wellbeing Manager

"We're thrilled to be acknowledged for the work and time we have dedicated to widening the message about menopause in the Next workplace.  We know that our initiatives and menopause support has helped so many through this life stage." 

We are really proud to share the news that we have won a Gen M AwarDriving Menopause Action in the Workplace

We were awarded for the best internal activity, campaign or initiative that has pushed boundaries to offer effective solutions to support and improve the menopause experience within the workplace. We are so proud of what we have achieved and want all those affected by the menopause to embrace our support 💕 

Menopause Support 

Free Menopause Sessions with AVIVA Digital GP

👈 Click play and find out more by watching our launch video 

A service recommended by your colleagues 

Just download the App and code to access the service

"The Aviva digital GP was so helpful, went through everything with me and did the assessment with me.

"I rate this menopause service very highly and can only imagine the positive impact it will have on female employees within NEXT.  To be able to talk to someone who understands what they are going through and who can offer the advice to take further steps."

"The menopause nurse I spoke to was lovely.  She listened to all of my symptoms and experiences, offered me virtual hugs for the tears that I cried and offered great advice.

"I was asked to make another appointment with her in a couple of weeks for a review of how things are going, and to see if I'd managed to see my GP.

"The call lasted about 30 minutes and at no point did I feel rushed or pressured."

What's covered:

The service covers access to an information hub, a symptoms scorecard assessment with up to 6 FREE 30 minute sessions with a menopause nurse to discuss symptoms, lifestyle changes and treatment options.

Everything you need to know about the menopause⤵️

On a mission with Gen M 

We're on a mission with Gen M to help them widen the conversation around Menopause. 

Gen M's mission is to make menopause a more positive experience for everyone, and introduce forward-thinking brands, organisations and employers to this new, commercially attractive market in a responsible, ethical way.

There are 15.5 million menopausal consumers in the UK alone. It’s a market desperate for better understanding, support and representation. Now is the time to purposefully unite, so we can all cater for, better support and connect with this incredibly underserved audience.

Working closely with progressive organisations, like Next, GenM’s using it's groundbreaking research, knowledge and experience to better understand the 48 symptoms, provide better support to all those in menopause and signpost them to products and services that already exist

Click here to see who the other 47 partners are and how everyone is trying increase the conversation around menopause. 

Gen M in conversation with...
GenM's YouTube series called 'in conversation with', features a series of doctors and health experts exploring all things menopause. 

Episode 1 : 48 Symptoms of

The first episode is available to watch NOW and focuses on understanding and managing the 48 symptoms! Click here to watch now! 

Episode 2 : Menopause and incontinence

Watch the second episode NOW it focuses on menopause and incontinence.   Click here to watch now! 

Episode 3 : Breaking the taboo - sex and the menopause

Watch the third episode NOW it focuses on breaking the taboo -sex and menopause.

 Click here to watch now! 

Award winning🏆

Gen M Award 

Gen M held their first menopause awards in 2022 and NEXT won ‘best internal comms and initiatives for menopause’.  

We've launched menopause chat groups in all divisions - on Yapster and Spaces - why are you waiting, join the menopause chat now. Everyone is welcome, learn, chat, share ideas, share thoughts, feeling and stories or just sit back and hear what others have to say.  

Click here to join our menopause Space.

Activate Yapster to be part of the menopause chat in Retail/Warehouse.

Our workplace promise🤞

What you can expect from NEXT to support you at work as you journey through the perimenopause and menopause.

See our supportive and managers guide to help in managing menopause at work.

Managers guide: Menopause

Our Managers Guide provides great information to help NEXT managers give the right support to those within their teams needing direction, signposting and guidance when it comes to menopause.
To help with conversations click here.

Guide to menopause 

Our Support Guide provides great information to help an individual to manage their feeling and worries and be as prepared as possible for their menopause journey.  The information can be shared with colleagues, friends, family - after all it's good to talk and know you're never alone.

What you can expect from NEXT

 Information about perimenopause and menopause and the support available through NEXT. 

More support on Menopause

Advocates Group

We have a group of menopause trained advocates who are available to chat - they are 'clued up' on all things menopause and can help answer your questions, reassure you and signpost you to further support/resources.  

Our advocates represent all divisions Head Office, Online, Retail, Warehouse and Distribution.  

Wellbeing and menopause

Mental and Physical well being during Menopause