This is our opportunity to do something... Something amazing

We are living in unprecedented times. Things seem up in the air, almost unstable.

But some things haven’t changed. Our reliance on the services that help us when we are unwell and vulnerable need our support.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, NHS Blood and Transplant has seen the numbers of blood donations drastically fall to its lowest point in 25 years.

The NHS needs to recruit nearly 450 new donors a day to make sure hospitals have the blood they need.

This is our opportunity to do something…Something amazing...

As a team we could make a huge difference!

If just 1000 of us registered, made an appointment and gave just 1 hour of our time to donate (the duration of an appointment is 1 hour) we could each impact the lives of 3 people

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Show everyone you’re doing something amazing by sending us a picture of you ‘in the chair’ email to claudia_balderson@next.co.uk and we'll feature as many of your pics as we can. If you don't fancy sending us a picture then just tell us you've done something amazing, we'd love to hear.

Come on. Let’s be amazing together

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