My story Tony Nicholls


Tony Nicholls - Product Group Manager, Finance Credit Systems, Next - Technology

The journey started a long time back in my late teens where only a few weeks after I was old enough to give Blood my Dad asked if I wanted to start as a Blood Donor. I wasn't given long to ponder the question as he was off to give blood in about an hour's time.

It didn't take long to consider the question as Dad had always given Blood and so I considered it just something you do. Whilst nervous of what was going on with that very first session I was excited to learn I had "one of the more common rare blood types B+" whatever that meant. But most importantly I got free Tea and Biscuits afterwards.

Since that first session I've regularly donated blood at various locations depending where life took me through University and onwards. Ticking over my donor record to achieve the the 75 milestone in early 2020 and at the start of 2022 I gave my 82nd donation and I will continue on as long as I can. My Dad stopped at just over 100 donations, so I've got a few more arm fulls to go.

I've seen plenty of change over the years:

.Booked sessions rather than wait and hope to be seen sometime soon

Reclining donation chairs (very comfortable)

Ever changing pre donation checks

Automated machines to ensure you don't donate too much

One thing that has never changed is the ever attentive, professional and friendly staff of the NHS Blood Donation service. Oh and of course the Tea and Biscuits afterwards!

Go on, do something amazing and give it a go. It doesn't take long and you could very well be a life saver.