Your Wellbeing Advent

The Advent Season is an opportunity for reflection as we prepare our homes and hearts for the festive season. When we endeavour to welcome all that enter our homes with kindness, warmth, companionship and treats.

See our range of Advent activities which take no more than some effort to make the most of this time of year.

1 Ask yourself how you want to feel this Christmas?

2 Connect with someone you've missed

3 Check out the support available to you at NEXT

4 Get Active: Go outside for a walk

5 Check out our Mental Health First Aiders and how they can support you

6 Try keeping a journal to track your feelings

7 Let Joe Wicks help you get some good stuff in your fridge

8 Try something new

9 Schedule some time for you

10 Take control of Stress and learn more

11 Check out our Relationship page

12 Give 10 minutes of your time to help someone

13 Catch up on your sleep

14 Check out the Financial support available from NEXT

15 Say No to something you don't need to do

16 Bake some traditional mince pies with Paul Hollywood

18 Try a new breathing technique

19 Check out 8 Ways to make Christmas work for you

20 Collect some Pine Cones

21 Make an old fashioned trifle with Mary Berry

22 Visit some Christmas lights

23 Donate to a charity

24 Give thanks