Connect with your Colleagues

Join us and connect with your colleagues!

Why not join Clare Smith, Womenswear for a 5k Run?

Clare has found running to be great for her own wellbeing. The freedom and sometimes joy felt when moving at speed makes everything seem manageable.

If you'd like to join Clare for a run, we're meeting @ HEAD OFFICE, ENDERBY

Monday 9th and/or Thursday 12th May @ 5.15pm

Start & Finish @ Product Reception Head Office

Check out our new addition Buddy Bench

Take a seat, make time to talk, meet friends and connect or rest after a walk. Check out our NEW buddy bench between Phase 2 and Phase 3 @ HO

Lunchtime Walking

Lunchtime walking - find out here how you can join in at HO and Call Centres during Mental Health Awareness Week.

Wednesday 11th MAY @ 12:00

Friday 13th May @ 13:00

Phase 5/Head Office, Doncaster or Gedding Road

JOIN Sue, Helen and Jane and help add to the miles covered for your area. Connect whilst outside whilst walking.

Life@Next Spotify

Life@Next has created it's very own playlist, music for every mood, check out Spotify and get lost in music. Find our more here