Welcome to our Wellbeing library where you can access our catalogue of webinars, videos and podcasts from a range of subjects that will help support you on your Wellbeing journey.

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Here's some of the podcasts that been highly recommended to us. We thought we'd share them as they might help and keep you entertained. 

Feel better Live more  

Dr Ragan Chatterjee

The Mid Point 

Gaby Logan

Happy Place  

Fearne Cotton

Owning It

Caroline Foran

Unlocking Us

Brene Brown

Desert Island Discs

Lauren Laverne   

Ted Talks

Elise Hi  

On Purpose

Jay Shetty

Podcasts for Sleep

For help with easing into sleep try listening to some of our favourites  

The Sleepy Bookshelf

Slumber Studios     

White Noise

Sleepy John     

Stories for Sleep Nothing Much Happens

 Kathryn Nicolai

Mental Wellbeing Webinars

Learn more about Mental Health by watching one of our 60 minute webinars  

Presented by Paul Murray

Hosted by AVIVA

Presented by Sophie Money & Paul Murray

Hosted by AVIVA

Presented by Paul Murray

Hosted by AVIVA   

NEXT Hosted Webinars 

Alannah Ross & Melinda McDougall

SEEK hosted by Wellbeing at NEXT

Claire Sollis & James Leinhardt

   BIG SLEEP hosted by Wellbeing at NEXT

Webinars from THRIVE

Our friends at Thrive have some really good knowledge and they have put it into the form of some short Webinars, check them out below.  They are between 3 - 6 minutes long

What is Mental Health

Hosted by NEXT partner THRIVE     

 Building Resilience

Hosted by NEXT partner THRIVE        

Healthy vs Unhealthy Coping Strategies

Hosted by NEXT partner THRIVE

Sleep and Our Wellbeing

Hosted by NEXT partner THRIVE

Gratitude and Happiness

Hosted by NEXT partner THRIVE  

Acceptance with Mindfulness

Hosted by NEXT partner THRIVE    

Diversity and Inclusion

Hosted by NEXT partner THRIVE

 Self Esteem: Empowering Yourself

   Hosted by NEXT partner THRIVE

          Breaking and Making Habits 

             Hosted by NEXT partner THRIVE

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