Running Religion

Damp, smelly and worn out- my socks and me!

I started running when I moved to Australia in 1997. A group of us trained and took part in the famous Sydney 'city2Surf' 14km fun run to Bondi beach. By the time I moved to the USA I running at least once per week.

"the slower I run the longer it takes - the more exercise I get"

When I returned to the UK in 2005 I started my 100 run challenge. I have run twice a week, on average, every year for the past 15 years. - a hundred miles every year! I used to run about 5km each time when I started at about 25 minutes, but over the years my distance has increased and my pace slowed - my normal is now just over 9km.

I have tried a few organised marathons and 10k runs over the years but to be honest I find the driving, parking, waiting and queuing a waste of time, preferring to just run a loop from my house. 51 mins - simple - all done!

Aftershokz Over Ear Headphones

I listen to music most of the time. Lots of bizarre stuff. I have some ear bone headphones that work outside your ears - leaving you able to hear the traffic whilst you run. I recommend those by Aftershokz

Some music I am listening to - you might like or not!

  • Jake Wesley Rogers Pluto

  • Brandy Carlisle By the way I forgive you

  • The Chicks Gaslighter

I run to just do some regular exercise. Sometimes I feel good and sometimes it's a real struggle. I always go, Saturday and Sundays. No excuses!

The way I look at it, the slower I run - the longer it takes - the more exercise I get

It's great thinking time - so good for clearing your mind.

Final thought- however much of a struggle - you always feel good when you finish! And that's why you should always go!

By James Grier