Meet the Wellbeing Team!

We dedicate our time to supporting you through life's ups and downs, helping you to look after yourself and lead more happy and healthy lifestyles.

Talking Wellbeing on the

Life at NEXT Podcast

Meet our Wellbeing Manager Claire Kershaw, who shares how she became interested in Wellbeing and how she maintains her own ... Join her as she takes us on a journey from the beginning of Wellbeing at NEXT to what it is today. 

Watch the episode here!

Claudia Balderson

Charities and Wellbeing
Co-ordinator claudia_balderson@next.co.uk 

Claire Kershaw

Health and Wellbeing Manager claire_kershaw@next.co.uk 

Our Commitment to Wellbeing

Our Mental Health Wellbeing Charter has been developed with you in mind.  At NEXT we understand that maintaining your Wellbeing can be challenging.  This Charter gives you the opportunity to learn how we will support you at work as we know that a happy full-filled work force is a productive one.

Click through the carousel to see our easy to read Charter.