Foster Care Fortnight runs until Sunday 28th May     

We have been liaising with Leicester City Council however every city has opportunities for fostering. 

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Foster Care fortnight is the UK's biggest foster care awareness raising campaign which showcases the commitment, passion and dedication of foster carers.

Have you ever thought about Fostering?

Foster care changes children's lives.  With over 650 children in care in Leicester city, we are always looking for nurturing and motivated people to be foster carers.

Foster care means looking after children until they can either return home or move onto a new permanent family.  Whether they are with you for a few weeks or a lifetime, they will always remember the love and care you have shown them.  

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For happiness tips and support during Perimenopause and Menopause see below 

During Mental Health Awareness week the focus was on anxiety.  We looked at different ways to cope with anxiety and asked our colleagues to share with us their 7 Keys of happiness which had helped them.  We are grateful to those that shared their heartfelt tips 

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 Free Menopause Service 

Access to an information hub, a symptoms scorecard assessment with up to 6 FREE 30 minute sessions with a menopause nurse to discuss symptoms, lifestyle changes and treatment options - all in one handy app.  

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