It's that time of the year again!
The flu season is almost upon us & the appointment booking system is now LIVE!

We are using the same system as we did last year. If you have used it before for either Covid testing or Flu vaccinations you will already have created a sign on and password, so will need to sign in to the Booking Link using these (top right hand corner of the screen) then choose a location and make your booking.

If you’ve not, click here choose a location and make a booking, and you'll also be asked to create an account enabling you to manage your booking (reschedule, cancel, check the details) in the future.

Book your Vaccine Now!

  1. Click this Link

  2. Select the location

  3. Select date and time

  4. You will receive an email and SMS message to confirm your booking and a reminder 90 minutes before your appointment

Want to know more about the vaccine... read our FAQ's below!

I’m pregnant, can I have a flu jab?

If you are outside of your first trimester you can have a flu jab on site, if not you need to see you own GP.

Can I still have the flu jab if I am feeling unwell e.g I have a cold?

If you feel unwell/poorly you should not attend, but if you are you poorly then you maybe should not be at work

I’m classed as clinically vulnerable, can I still have a flu jab?

No, we advise you liaise with your own GP who holds your medical records, we would not be able to give medical advice.

I’ve made a booking which I cannot now attend, what do I do?

You can sign into the appointment system and book/amend/cancel your appointment

I am a contractor, am I entitled to a flu jab?

Yes, if you are working at Next for longer than 2 weeks you can have a flu jab

How do I know which dates are available for flu jabs?

All dates at all sites are shown on the appointment booking system and on the site posters too


I am WFH, could I have a voucher instead?

Ideally we would love you to come to site for a flu jab but if you are unable to come to site please contact Claire Kershaw to arrange a voucher before the end of October.

How long will the appointment take?

We are booking appointments at 4 minute intervals, but there may be short waiting times and you may need to sit for a few minutes after the appointment

I am concerned about the content of the flu jab does it contain pork gelatin.

No, we have a list of contents and this is not listed.

Where are the clinics taking place?

Your confirmation will confirm the location and signage will be in place to direct you

What do I do if my password to the system doesn’t work?

You can request a password reset on the system

If I don't work at a site offering clinics e.g in a Retail Store or a Regional Service Centre, will I be offered a voucher?

Yes, you will be invited to request a flu voucher and will recieve this mid October

Do I need to have a gap between a COVID vaccination and my flu jab?

No, this is not necessary now, the 2 could be given together in different arms. We are ONLY giving flu jabs onsite

I have an allergy to chicken and eggs, can I still have the flu jab?

No, you are excluded from getting a jab if you have an allergy to these products

Key things to note & extra info

  • There must be a 7 day gap between having a COVID vaccination and a Flu vaccination

  • You can be vaccinated whilst pregnant only if outside your first trimester

  • You should not book for the vaccination if you have an allergy to chicken and eggs

  • Please read the FAQ's above for more information. We cannot offer medical advice so if you have any further concerns about the vaccine please speak to your GP.

  • More information from the NHS about the flu vaccine in the UK can be found here.