We've curated some tips for you and your partner to look at and hopefully help with in some cases an increased amount of time spent together.

If you’re both working from home, and with nowhere to go out to in the evenings, there’s a chance you might start to get on each other’s nerves. Perhaps it’s happening already.

This is normal, particularly given the increased stress we’re all feeling right now. But since we could be in this predicament for a while yet, it’s worth taking steps to ensure we get through this period with our relationships intact. We might even be able to come out stronger.

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Tips for a happy relationship

Knowing how simple changes can help to make things work, and how we can get the best from each other will help a relationship to blossom.

Relate share 10 useful tips to help us to live in a happier relationship.

From the Magazine Stylist: Coronavirus lockdown has proven to be a recipe for cabin fever. Here, a relationship expert tells us how to turn self-isolation into an intensive couples therapy workshop.

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