We've pulled together some of your favourite ways to stay healthy and active at home. Look below and click on the link to explore the useful videos, tips and guides that will help keep your body and mind active.

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Benefits of a
30 minute workout

3 videos, 3 different levels.

"Remember, doing any physical activity at home is better than doing none at all. Be active to maintain your heart health, muscle strength and flexibility. This will also keep your mental health in good condition. Here is a shortlist of my favourite videos that you can try at your home:."

Dan, Senior Desktop Engineer

PE with the body coach

"Joe Wicks has taken over Youtube and my front room, the kids and I love it. It's a great way to stay active and he's releasing them everyday so it give us something to look forward too."

Matt, Employer Brand Manager, Next Head Offic

Beginners yoga with adriene

"It's become my new morning routine and i love it! Wake up, do a bit of Yogi and it really gets me in the right mind set to start my day. Plus you can do it with an iPad or a Smart TV which means anywhere at home works."

Danielle, Buyer, Next Head Office

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