Who are Salary Finance?

At NEXT we work with Salary Finance, a financial wellbeing provider that offers access to affordable loans repaid through salary, simple savings and free financial education.

Explore Salary Finance - find out how they can help your financial wellbeing with their products and services. 

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Best Financial Wellbeing Provider of the Year

The Corporate Adviser 2020 Winner 

What they do

Salary Finance partner with your employer to provide financial products and services (loans, advances, savings and financial education) that help you lead a happier, healthier financial life.

How it works

Salary Finance offer products through your employer which are linked to you salary and tailored to your individual circumstances, allowing you to take control of your finances

Salary Finance offer a range of salary linked employee benefits that improve financial wellbeing 

Why is financial wellbeing important?  We understand the importance of financial wellbeing and how this impacts all other areas of our lives.  The financial pressures of modern life and the increasing cost of living means many people are worrying about their finances.  To support you with your money and help you have more financial peace of mind, you have access to Salary Finance - one of our financial wellbeing benefits.


Affordable loans repaid through your salary: Loans at affordable rates with higher acceptance than banks.

A lower rate loan could help you save money by paying off more expensive debt.  As an affordable alternative to credit cards and overdrafts.  It could also be used to cover an unexpected expense or help you to achieve your long-term financial goals. Representative Rate 9.9% APR (fixed)                                                                       

For loans under £5,000, Salary Finance offer a price promise - to be your lowest cost option - if you get a better rate they will match it.


Simple savings: A hassle free way to save directly from your salary.  Savings will be kept in an online Yorkshire Building Society (YBS) account which offers 1.80% gross Annual Equivalent Rate (AER)*

You can edit the amount you save whenever you need to.

Help to Save

With this government-backed scheme, anyone receiving Working Tax Credit, Universal Credit or Child Tax Credit could earn bonus payments on their savings.  Earn up to 50p for every £1 saved.


Money Insights: The Salary Finance 'Learn' platform includes money minute videos, downloadable life guides and webinars as well as tools and resources to help you better understand your personal finances. You can also discover your financial fitness score and access content created by Salary Finance's Head of Financial Education, Jason Butler, a financial advisor and personal finance expert columnist for the Financial Times.

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