The Wagestream App opens the opportunity for.

Free & Confidential Debt advice

Access complimentary and confidential debt guidance from StepChange through Wagestream.

As a Wagestream participant, unlock a wealth of resources including regular financial insights, engaging podcasts, and informative webinars.

A way to automatically save

Prepare for unexpected expenses effortlessly with automated savings on Wagestream.

Simply log into the app, navigate to the 'Track' section to monitor your earnings for the month, and establish a savings pot to seamlessly set aside funds as you earn.

An easy benefits checker

Discover an exclusive insight: 3 out of 4 Wagestream members using our benefits checker are eligible for up to £570 per month!

Use the benefits checker to uncover potential government support entitlements and find out where to claim your benefits.

Save money on your food shop

You can now buy discounted vouchers for most major supermarkets in the Wagestream app, to  save on your everyday shopping.

Access your pay earlier

Access up to 40% of your pay as you earn it to help cover costs and expenses before payday. Wagestream charges a small fee of £1.75 per transfer.

A chance to Save &

If you save with Wagestream, each month you’ll be automatically entered into a prize draw and you could get your monthly contribution doubled, up to the value of £50! 

Wagestream is a brand new work benefit, aimed at giving your more control over your finances and supporting your financial wellbeing going forward! 

Wagestream charity-backed organisation used by over 1 million people worldwide. They partner with a range of businesses to let staff track and instantly access their wages whenever they need to, save direct from their salaries, and access financial education. Their mission is to improve the financial resilience of all working people by providing financial products and services that give and don’t take.