"At Next we want to have a culture that promotes and enables us all to achieve positive mental wellbeing. When we talk about mental wellbeing we mean where our employees are able to achieve their potential, cope with normal day to day pressures, thrive and be productive in all aspects of their life.”

We want all our employees to feel able to be creative, productive and engaged. Next is an inspiring, exciting and rewarding place to work and by helping our employees to maintain positive mental wellbeing, we know they will also help us to be successful.

So we have committed to:

  • Encourage an environment where mental wellbeing is discussed openly and in a way that is non-judgmental, eliminating stigma, fear and discrimination

  • Give easy access to information or services which are need to make helpful decisions about mental wellbeing

  • Help everyone to recognise that for some people maintaining positive mental wellbeing can be a challenge

  • Put mental wellbeing on a par with psychical health

  • Ensure that support is provided with respect, dignity and honesty

  • Treat people fairly and with care and compassion

  • Listen to people, taking into account how they feel; respecting that they may want to maintain confidentiality if they are struggling

  • Encourage and enable everyone to take responsibility by making their own wellbeing choices

  • Regularly monitor our performance, assess progress and take action to improve the opportunities for positive mental wellbeing.