Salary Finance 

Salary Finance provides salary linked loans and savings accounts as well as the ability to learn better money habits.  

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Click here  to see how Wagestream, our brand new work benefit, will give you more control over your finances and support your financial wellbeing going forward! 

Wagestream is used by over 1 million people worldwide. They partner with a range of businesses to let staff track and instantly access their wages whenever they need to; save direct from their salaries, and access financial education. Their mission is to improve the financial resilience of all working people by providing financial products and services that give and don’t take. 

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Financial grants for children

Grants are available for children (0-18 years) if their parent or carer works or recently worked for a UK fashion and textile company.  This includes people who work in manufacturing, distribution, delivery and retail.

Funds can be provided for essential items including:

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Government help 

The Government website has a series of measures that may assist you with the cost of living and energy price increases.

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Next support  

For many of us, our goal in life is to be happy and to be able to live a fulfilling life, so we all need to consider our finances. 

Our aim is that working for Next will be one of the steps towards you achieving your financial goals.  It will help with planning for your present and your future... leading to freedom and the ability to make financial choices in life. 

Check out our Financial Wellbeing Policy, for just some of the ways working at Next can support your financial wellbeing:

Financial Security

Have control over your finances

As a Next Employee we want you to have control over your finances with the ability to be able to plan and save.  

Your Future

Organise your finances for a better future

Tools to help you

Retail Trust

As a valued colleague at Next, you have free and confidential access to the retailTRUST wellbeing services.

The trust can support you with helpful advice, financial assistance, face-to-face and telephone counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy, non-repayable grants, career development, return to work and re-skilling initiatives, legal guidance and on-site critical incident support. 

Click here to discover the resources available to you from retailTRUST. 

EAP (Employee assistance program)

The EAP guide gives you all the information you need to get the most out of this valuable benefit. 

Whether it's help with COVID-19, managing money, relationships or raising children- through the EAP provided by Care First, you can rest assured that you have an expert team to help you plan for the highs and lows of ilfe. 

With the EAP, you have 24-hour personal assistance. At any time, day or night, you can talk in confidence to a qualified adviser. please be aware that the EAP is for your use only (the employee). 

In the UK call: 0800 015 5630 

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MoneyHelper helpline:  0800 138 7777


For a range of money guides, tools and calculators to improve personal finances.

Support available: